Donation Drive 2016

$0 of $5000 Raised!

Thanks for Donating!

Thanks to all your support, our 2016 fundraiser was a smashing success! You are still welcome to make donations after the end of the drive, but your donation will be recorded as part of next year's drive. Thanks!

About the Donation Levels

Friends of Freeform - $10

Reward: WMFO Sticker

As a thank you for your contribution, we'll send you a shiny new WMFO sticker and a thank you note!

Vinyl Library - $15

Reward: WMFO Official Shot Glass

In addition to a sticker, receive a WMFO shot glass!

Freeform Fan- $25

Reward: WMFO Bumper Sticker

Regular sticker not massive enough for you? You'll receive our WMFO Bumper sticker!

Freeform Nerd - $35

Reward: On The Town Compilation CD

In honor of the 25th anniversary of WMFO's own On The Town with Mikey Dee, a show which airs a live performance by a local band every Wednesday night around 10 p.m., WMFO will be releasing a compilation album of some of our favorite performances from the show. We will be sure to send you a copy as a thank you for your donation.

Studio C - $50

Reward: WMFO T-Shirt

Receive one of our very own and super awesome T-Shirts so you can represent WMFO with style!

Studio B - $75

Reward: Get recorded in Studio B/Dee

As a Studio B Donor you get three hours of recording time with Sandbox Sessions!

Studio A - $100

Reward: Tote Bag Full of Swag

Get a WMFO Tote Bag with an OTT CD, WMFO Pins, Guitar Picks, and Sticker.

Freeform Lunch - $250

Reward: Be a featured guest on WMFO's own Brunch Show!

Freeform for a Year - $365

Reward: Naming rights to a fixture at WMFO

Pledge a dollar-a-day and gain naming rights to the fixture of your choice at WMFO!

Curtis Hall - $500

Reward: Station tour and the opportunity to make your mark at WMFO

As a Curtis Hall donor, you get a station tour and the opportunity to make your mark on the walls or ceiling at WMFO. We'll also have you on the brunch show.

Freeform God - $1000

Reward: Dinner with the Executive Board

We will love you forever and build a shrine in honor of your freeform godliness. We'll also show our appreciation by taking you out for dinner with the whole Executive Board.